Committee Work

Communications/Political Action Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Human Rights

Status of Women




THE COMMITTEES: Each Committee has one member per school in addition to an Executive member.

Communications/Political Action

This Committee ensures that teacher concerns are kept before the legislators (local or provincial) and the Community.

A Committee which, under the direction of the District CPAC Officer, carries out activities to promote excellence in education, and which keeps the membership informed about matters of professional and local interest. It is also responsible for producing the District Newsletter and judging of the Student Achievement Awards (in honour of Marion Drysdale) contest entries.

Educational Services

A Committee established to conduct workshops and professional development activities for and on behalf of the members.

Health and Safety

This Committee, under the direction of the Health and Safety Officer, investigates and makes recommendations on the safety concerns of the teachers, and monitors the workplace environment to ensure that it is a healthy and safe place for the members.

Collective Bargaining

This Committee: (i) conducts the OSSTF survey of members to obtain information to be used in establishing negotiating priorities; and (ii) conducts the formal negotiations with the Board to obtain a Collective Agreement.